Prayer times

10 December 2023
Prayer Begins Jamaat
Fajr5:54 am 7:30 am
Sunrise8:00 am
Zuhr11:58 am 1:00 pm
Asr1:59 pm 2:45 pm
Maghrib3:51 pm 3:51 pm
Isha5:33 pm 7:30 pm

About Masjid Darassalaam

Masjid Darassalaam was established in 1995 to cater for the needs of the community of Peterborough in general and Muslims in particular. Current Muslim population in Peterborough is estimated at around 25,000. Following the success at Darassalaam and to meet demands in the West Town area of Peterborough, we purchased and established the Madina Madrassa and Spiritual Centre on Midland Road in 2014.

Since it is a public place, we welcome people of all denominations and religions so that they can see and experience the daily muslim rituals and activities carried out in a mosque.  We also organise visits from the local schools so that students can experience the muslim prayer and other activities as part of their RE studies.  We do however encourage visitors to respect the muslim faith and wear appropriate clothing.

Our Services

Jummah & Eid Prayers

Please keep an eye on our notice board or follow us on Facebook for up to date timings of key prayers.

Hifz & Madrassa

We have daily madrassah classes running all year round for children of all ages and abilities


At such a sensitive time, our masjid has the facilities to make the burial of your loved ones as stress free as possible. We have ghusl facilities on site and our imams are available to perform Janazah prayers.

Latest News

Donation appeal

Masajid are the focal point of Muslim life.  As we continue to meet the needs of the community, our challenge is to provide comfortable and adequate facilities for both current and the next generation of worshippers. The original buildings were surveyed and it was recommended that the best option is to build a new mosque rather than renovating them as the structures were not adequate and in a dilapidated state beyond repair.  Considering these facts, the design and construction process was begun in 2007 and completed in 2014 at a cost of about £1M.  Most of the money was raised locally by the congregation.  There is still about £100,000/- loan to be paid back to people. The new building has capacity for around 350 people with facilities for Janaza and body wash, disabled access, bicycle stands and parking for vehicles.

How To Contribute

We accept donations which are Lillah (for the sake of Allah) and also as Loans (Qarz-e-Hasna) in the form of cash or cheque.

Online Donation

Madrassa (Islamic School)

One of the key objectives of our establishment is to serve the needs of youngsters.  Since inception, Darassalaam has provided Islamic education facilities including Nazira programs, Hifz programs and daily two hour Islamic education in the evenings.

The same curriculum is also being offered to local residents at our Madina Madrassa and Spiritual Centre site in West Town area.

Our Mission

To inculcate the love of Allah and his Messenger, and provide an environment in which a child develops into a practising Muslim leading him to success in this world and the hereafter.  All this while upholding the law of the land with sincerity and love towards all fellow human beings regardless of their faith or beliefs. 

Our Madrassas were set up to provide basic but important Islamic Education to Muslim children, with the following aims: